AI Software


Sophisticated software allowing businesses to operate more efficiently.

SynergyAI is artificial intelligence (AI) robotics software that allows you to completely control your robots and automation by deploying and fully incorporating a selection of computer algorithms into your warehousing and industrial operations.

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited

Increasing Supply Chain Activity

The AI Development Center at Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited is dedicated to improving the world via technological innovation, with an emphasis on machine learning and operational optimization algorithms to develop core expertise for long-term competitive advantage.

A set of underlying algorithms that assist the efficient operations of the business have been built based on a vast amount of acquired business operational data and expertise.

The entire robotics warehousing process is covered by AI algorithms, which dramatically increases supply chain efficiency and lowers operation costs.

Task Matching

The Items to be moved are matched one by one with the mobile robot (AMR) using past matching experience data, and the current and future reward values are optimized using a combination of online and offline learning.


The inventories are replenished using a data-driven end-to-end model. A deep neural network is used to construct multi-level and multi-area replenishment plans and avoid the bottleneck and considerably enhance restocking accuracy, based on real-time monitoring of warehouse status and order sales within the cycle time.

Stock Adjustment

The items are likely to be transported based on an estimate of future order demand, and robot handling jobs are generated to modify the shelves to the most optimal position in the warehouse, minimizing their overall journey distance.

Route Planning

To overcome the limitations of traditional route planning, a multi-agents distributed collaborative path planning method based on deep reinforcement learning, and dynamic programming is used to reach the destination in the quickest time possible while assuring safe obstacle avoidance.

Computer Vision Navigation

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited AMRs sense the environment in three dimensions, much like people, thanks to our proprietary computer vision system.

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited robots can successfully navigate in busy, ever-changing industrial environments thanks to an AI-based algorithm that collects and prioritizes vast numbers of real-world, live data points.


Using a repeated, systematic search, our algorithms offer multiple box sizes based on the volume information of the ordered goods, lowering packing costs and increasing packaging efficiency.