Pallet Jack 3500

Pallet Jack 3500

Our high-speed, high-capacity AMR.

When your heavy-duty application demands that a jack runs dependably in demanding environments, the Pallet Jack 3500 rises to the challenge and handles the pressure.

Accurate Placement and Pallet Detection

The Pallet Jack 3500 discovers and picks up pallets and bulk containers using accurate placement and payload detection to assure quality delivery.

It can execute platform loading and unloading, long-distance transport, and stock line pick/drop while carrying two pallets at a time and up to 3500 kg.

The robot, characterized by its high stability and precision, can replace repetitive, time-consuming, and heavy manual storage and handling work, allowing for efficient and intelligent “goods to person” picking, leading to a rise in warehouse storage density and operational efficiency.

Precise and Efficient Pick-up and Delivery

The Pallet Jack 3500, with its patented navigation system, provides you with dependable solutions for significant cost reductions while keeping operational flexibility.

The Pallet Jack 3500 robotic pallet truck blends in seamlessly with your surroundings and allows people and robots to collaborate in a shared work environment.

The Pallet Jack 3500 can handle a double-stacked pallet up to 10-12′ tall and 3500kg. To navigate narrow aisles and avoid obstacles, it relies on onboard sensors and 360º safety coverage.

The Pallet Jack 3500 securely carries payloads to drop sites without the need for human intervention, reducing material damage and increasing units delivered per hour.

The Pallet Jack 3500 has lane staging capabilities, which allow it to identify lanes and locate payloads inside them for precise and efficient pick-up and delivery of items.


Length – 130″
Width – 35″
Height – 70″ 
Maximum load – 3500kg
Maximum speed – 6km/h
Battery life – Up to 10 hours
Battery charge time – 2 hours