Pallet Pro 1000

Pallet Pro 1000

Superior performance and safety features for your warehouse.

The Pallet Pro 1000 injects speed and power into Goods-to-Person, Materials Movement, or production line solutions, making light work of heavier loads. The Pallet Pro 1000 is the ideal solution if your business is focused on heavier items, whether you are in third-party logistics, eCommerce, or manufacturing.

Fast, Strong and Accurate

The Pallet Pro 1000 employs dual-wheel differential drive and advanced motion and visual sensors for excellent positioning accuracy, allowing you to move your items with loads of up to 1000kg at incredible speeds.

The Pallet Pro 1000 runs at consistent speeds that manual labor cannot match when fully loaded. The Pallet Pro 1000 is an exceptional performer in all aspects of warehouse automation, excelling in Goods-to-Person roles, ideal for materials transportation, and suitable as part of production lines.

Several cameras on the Pallet Pro 1000 work in unison to capture and produce a three-dimensional, computer-generated image of the world around them.

This means that when something in the surroundings changes, thousands of live reference points are generated so that successful navigation can continue uninterrupted.

Smooth Navigation Around Obstacles

The SynergyDynamic Pallet Stacker can load the Pallet Stations from any direction.

The collaborative and autonomous Pallet Pro 1000 smoothly navigates around all types of obstacles, including moving obstacles, bringing itself to a stop to avoid collisions.

The robot can move autonomously and determine the most effective route to its destination thanks to advanced technology and intelligent algorithms.

When the robot comes across an obstacle, it immediately redirects and can reroute to avoid stopping or delaying the delivery of materials.

The Pallet Station allows the Pallet Pro 1000 to pick up, carry, and unload pallets autonomously.

The Pallet Pro 1000 robot picks up and drops off empty or loaded pallets using Pallet Stations. The Pallet Stations are anchored at strategic and stable points to ensure seamless workflows throughout the facility.

No Need to Alter your Facility

The robot offers a quick return on investment, with payback in as little as a year, without the need to change your facilities with expensive, inflexible wires or sensors.

The Pallet Pro 1000 can identify its surroundings using built-in sensors and cameras, as well as advanced algorithms, and take the most efficient route to its destination while safely avoiding obstacles and people.


Length – 44″
Width – 36″
Height – 20″
Maximum load – 1000kg
Maximum speed – 8km/h
Battery life – Up to 14 hours
Battery charge time – 2 hours