Pallet Stacker

Pallet Stacker

The most precise robot for your warehouse automation needs.

The Pallet Stacker streamlines material movement to and from storage and staging areas, providing safe and reliable end-to-end task automation for low-lift processes. The Pallet Stacker excels in complex environments across the enterprise, consistently and securely moving material in dynamic facilities, thanks to advanced sensing capabilities and 360° safety coverage.

Handling Goods with Expert Precision and Speed

The Pallet Stacker can lift pallets and payloads weighing up to 1500kg to a height of 120".

It can handle a broad range of heavy and irregular loads with extreme precision and speed, functioning with goods-to-person, materials-movement, and production-line operations.

The Pallet Stacker gives you the extra reach you need to offer outstanding automated efficiency.

The Pallet Stacker can provide the best automated support for your business because to its superior counterweight systems, revolutionary machine vision navigation, and next-generation sensors.

Unrestricted Freedom of Movement

Our Pallet Stacker is built on an omnidirectional driving approach that provides unrestricted mobility.

It has three driving components. This allows for conventional forward and reverse movements, as well as parallel, diagonal, and rotating movements around the vehicle’s center.

The fork is positioned outside the front wheel’s centerline. The key feature is that the forklift is fitted with a counterbalance at the rear of the forklift to overcome the overturning momentum caused by the products.

The Pallet Stacker is generally used for loading and unloading finished goods and stacking and transporting them.


Length – 65″
Width –38″
Height – 84″ (not extended)
Maximum load – 1500kg
Maximum speed – 4km/h
Battery life – Up to 8 hours
Battery charge time – 2 hours