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News & Developments

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited Confirms Successful Trials of AMRs and AI-Software System

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited revealed today that its autonomous mobility robots successfully completed a testing stage at an unspecified distribution location.

The company claims that the latest testing stage demonstrates its commitment to using technology to improve supply chain resilience and provide customers with various products and services to streamline their business.

The robots mechanized many time-consuming and demanding jobs usually undertaken by warehouse operators, such as discovering and transporting products around the warehouse. As a result, employees will be safer at work, and overall employee performance will improve.

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited’s Chief Financial Officer, Quan Lan, commented, “We are excited to see our technology help businesses with the accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility needed to serve its large network of fulfillment centers. Our AI-driven robots system allows for digitalization of warehouse operations, which helps our customers stay competitive in an ever-changing industry.”

The robots used in the testing stage carried pallets and racks of purchased goods from a designated area to personnel positioned at workstations, where they completed the picking process assisted by a user-friendly interface, thanks to intelligent software technology. According to Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited, its technology will increase overall picking accuracy and efficiency.

“With ever-changing industries and the difficulty of predicting future demand, flexibility through digitization and real-time visibility is vital to developing an agile supply chain,” commented Marcus Lee, Director of Investor Relations of Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited.

“The flexibility of robot-movable pallets, along with the ability to select the best routes and organize merchandise efficiently based on real-time demand, will enhance space efficiency and offer flexibility to companies’ logistic operations,” added Lee.

The growing company is nearing completion of its initial trials. It aims to launch its warehouse solutions commercially to all facilities in the Asia Pacific region by mid-2025, followed by the rest of the world by 2030.