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News & Developments

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited Secures Sizeable Series A Funding

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited, a technology startup developing mobile robots with artificial intelligence and 3D vision, has today revealed that it has raised a sizeable, undisclosed amount in Series A funding.

The Shenzhen-based technology startup has stated that it intends to use the investment to enhance the research and development of its warehouse management solutions and expand its global operations.

Businesses can be faster, stronger, and more intelligent in fulfillment centers by implementing Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited’s AI-driven autonomous mobile robots. The company believes that its AMRs (automated mobile robots) can help automate labor-intensive workflows, including order picking for fulfillment and distribution, and material delivery for manufacturing.

“With over 5 billion pallets in the world being carried by more than 5 million forklifts and over 5 million manual workers, there is significant space for growth in automated material handling,” stated Quan Lan, Chief Executive Officer at Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited. “This investment, led by such an influential and supportive investment group, will enable us to accelerate our roadmap and deliver results to market faster in order to meet the insatiable demands for higher throughput in material handling environments such as factories and warehouses.”

“Labour market shifts are hastening the demand for automation across the global supply chain,” said Stephen Lei, Chief Technology Officer at Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited. “With truly intelligent automation for pallet-sized goods, we are well-positioned to help enterprises in warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution address this challenge head-on.”

Synergy Dynamics (HK) Limited’s AMRs and AI software help distribution, warehouse, and manufacturing companies streamline their materials handling and logistics processes. The Shenzhen-based firm claims its robots have the industry’s most advanced navigation system and can adapt to their surroundings and redirect them in real-time.

SynergyAI, the company’s AI software, interfaces with existing warehouse management systems to provide a coordinated strategy that optimizes throughput, operational efficiency, and human-robot collaboration.